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Sports Injuries
11.11.13 Monday
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rock climbing You don’t have to look far to see the incredible feats of human beings.  Craggy mountain peaks are challenged and defeated.  Open waters with miles between dry land beckons to a long distance swimmer.  It seems there is no end to what humans can accomplish. Our children are growing up in a world of high expectations and an extra serving of adrenaline to not only succeed but excel.  It’s no surprise that sports injuries are also on the rise.  We push our bodies and place on it demands that may, and often do, exceed our design capacity. Injuries are the reality of this lifestyle.  Children today are honing their skills on one specific sport rather than a variety of activities.  There’s a champion in the making but also an injury waiting to happen.  That’s why, when it comes to choosing your orthopedic doctor in the Pocatello area, it’s important to choose one that understands your lifestyle.  At Idaho Hand Institute, we know how important your sports, your training and your hobbies are and we are here to help and educate you so those joints work for you when they need to!  There are many things you need to be aware of when it comes to sports injuries. Working on that throw or swing over and over, hours on end, day after day is called repetitive training.  This is effective in developing a skill and over time, an injury.  Over using a muscle or tendon creates micro-trauma.  Micro-trauma is serious because the damage to joints, tendons and muscles starts as a subtle ache but over time can weaken ligaments and cause serious problems.  Recovering can take extended periods of time and weeks of physical therapy.  That amounts to less practice time and wasted resources. Repetitive training also creates muscle imbalance.  We focus so much on one skill, strengthening one area; we forget to train other muscles in the group or body.  This imbalance leaves you prone to injury. Impingement is another common injury seen in repetitive training.  Tendons or bursa can become pinched by the bones.  This leads to swelling, inflammation, and pain.  Over use of a joint is the most common cause of impingement. There are many things that can go wrong with our muscles, joints, nerves and ligaments but it’s not all bad news.  In our next post, we will give you some great tips for adjusting your training regimen to optimize your skill and keep you safe
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