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Can Technology Hurt Your Hands?
12.18.14 Thursday
Hand injury sufferers don’t often think of their technology as the culprit, but perhaps they should. People are quick to complain about how smart phones and modern technologies are the ruin of good old fashioned communication and relationships,but you don’t often hear how Galaxy phones and iPhones can cause serious injury to your hands and fingers. It sounds a little suspicious,we know. However,hand injuries and finger injuries are showing across the nation,and the cause is frequently personal digital devices and smart phones. One of the most common hand and finger injuries caused by technology is Trigger Finger. Trigger finger happens when the lubricating sheath around the tendon becomes compressed. This limits movement of the tendon and can cause the finger to lock in a bent position. Individuals who frequently use their fingers to sweep iPad screens or move a Blackberry ball may end up suffering from trigger finger. That’s not all~ patients who regularly utilize these forms of technology may also develop carpal tunnel or ganglion cysts. Symptoms of Trigger Finger:
  • Hand soreness
  • Finger stiffness
  • Pain or a bump at the bottom of the finger
  • Catching or popping when the finger bends
  • Locked finger
If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms,make an appointment with your medical professional at the Idaho Hand Institute. This is nothing to ignore. Left untreated,trigger finger symptoms often become more severe and affect one’s ability to use the fingers and hands. For more information on Trigger Finger or other hand injuries or finger injuries ,please contact the Idaho Hand Institute at (208) 235-4263 or at any of our four locations: Pocatello,Blackfoot and Soda Springs and our newest location in Idaho Falls (Mountain Falls Quick Care Clinic at 1995 E 17th St #1, Idaho Falls, ID 83404).
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